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Welcome to the For Sale By Owner (FSBO) Help Center

This site is NOT a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) listing site.  

The purpose of this site is to give honest information to home sellers in the St. Louis Area, including St. Charles County Missouri, who are currently selling their home by themselves...or thinking about it.  There is a lot of misinformation on the Internet about how to sell your home FSBO (For Sale By Owner).  No matter whether you are selling real estate in St Charles County, MO, this web site is for you and the information here is specifically for that area.  We are providing this information as a service to seller, but hope that sellers who decide to list their property instead of selling FSBO will return the favor and contact us to list their home.  Over the years Linda has helped many sellers get their homes SOLD after trying on their own as a For Sale By Owner.

Before our FSBO Information, we have a short "commercial" about the services of our sponsor, Linda Grissette, VIP Real Estate:

When You Are Ready to Sell, there are 3 Things to Remember in Real Estate:

  1. Location
  2. Location
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That was our for the For Sale By Owner information you are looking for:

Steps In Selling A Home

Step 1:  Getting the Home Ready to Sell  Making a first impression is always important, whether it's in your career or in selling your home.  Getting your home into top showing condition is one of the very important things you need to do before letting any one know that you are wanting to sell your home.  more....

Step 2:  Setting a Price  Another important thing to do is setting the right price for your home.  more.....

Step 3:  Finding Your Target Market  Before you can start the marketing on your home, you need to figure out who the best buyer for your home would be.  more...

Step 4:  Developing a Marketing Plan  Once you have your target market determined, it's time to develop your marketing plan. more....

Step 5:  Making Proper Disclosures  The days of "buyer beware" are long gone.  To avoid problems later on, you should disclose everything you know about your home.  more...

Step 6:  Handling Calls From Buyer Prospects  Once you have started marketing your home, you should start getting calls from prospective buyers.  Handling these calls property could be the difference in whether or not the prospect will come look at your home.  more...

Step 7:  Showing Your Home  A buyer prospect is on the way to your show.  Show time!  So what do you do now?  more...

Step 8:  Handling Contract Issues  Once you have a buyer who wants to buy your home, it's a little late to start learning about contracts.  Learn some things that will help when the time comes.  more...

Step 9:  Handling Inspections  The buyers of your home will most likely want to have inspections done to make sure they don't buy a home with some surprises.  Don't let the surprise be on you.  more...

Step 10:  Getting Financing for Your Buyers  Most buyer of your home will have to get a loan, too.  Having a basic understanding of financing will help you talk with your buyer prospects.  more...

Step 11:  Solving Problems Along The Way  No matter how much work you do earlier, you will most likely encounter some problems along the way.  If not handled property, your sale could fall through.  more...

Step 12:  Closing Your Sale  Once it's done, the closing is the fun part.  You home is sold and you get your equity.  But it takes some work to make it happen.  more...

Other FSBO (For Sale By Owner) Help

The Truth About MLS Entry Only Companies  You've seen them on the internet....the companies that tell you that you have have the advantages of having your home in the MLS without a high fee.  But they aren't always as goods as they seem.  more....

Pros and Cons of Selling "By Owner"  Before you make a final decision to sell your home FSBO you need to honestly consider the pros and cons of your decision.  more...

Myths Seen On Many FSBO Web Sites  There are many web sites on the internet that want you to place your property with them.  You need to learn to the difference between the truth and myths before you select that route.  more...

Seller Information Sheets by Download upon Request

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